Monday, October 17, 2016

spirit of the valley

mason's welcome

i shall remember you with love
it's always necessary

Text reads: it's always necessary



Text reads: om tara tutare ture soha

searching for water in water

don't get lost in the rain
all things are possible
Text reads: There is a place of knowing all things are possible.

loving kindness


perfect wisdom


awaiting the new moon

you are loved

blue man heals

avi's nightstar


breathing together

spreading of the clouds

Text reads: Can anyone understand the spreading of the clouds?


Text reads: Once there was a king who had a beautiful diamond. But this beautiful diamond had a flaw, a scratch in the middle. The king sent word throughout the kingdom that great riches would come to anyone who could rid the diamond of this flaw. Gem cutters, jewelry makers, and artisans from around the kingdom came to the castle, but no one could erase the diamond’s scratch. Finally, a young woman came and announced that she could make the diamond even more beautiful than ever. Everyone scoffed as she disappeared into the kingdom, but they gasped with awe when she came out and presented the king with the stone. The scratch was still in the diamond, but it was indeed more beautiful than ever before. For in the center of the diamond, the young woman had carved a beautiful flower, using the scratch for the stem.

space between thoughts

cup your hands and drink life

gathering the stories of silence
awakening the heart

sacred silence

tea party

the harvest of bones


Text reads: What does it take to open a door? Love.


Text reads: Moonlight remaining in the eternal sky.

long way home


how can i help?
Text reads: How can I help? Forgive yourself and others; Embrace peace; Practice compassion; Respect life; Listen with your heart; Love.

NEW mandalas!

be happy for this moment ...  it's your life!

today is a perfect day ... for a perfect day!

full moon loom


you and i ...

you make my world happy ... thank you

intention of kindness

mud between my toes

moment of kindness

Text reads: A moment of kindness can change everything.
peace begins with me

Text reads: Peace begins with me.Note: Created by mother and daughter team, Kathy Abromeit and Brook Sabin.

peaceful world

child spirit

dragonfly messenger

Text reads: Dragonfly messenger.