Monday, October 17, 2016

awaiting the new moon

you are loved

blue man heals

avi's nightstar


breathing together

spreading of the clouds

Text reads: Can anyone understand the spreading of the clouds?


Text reads: Once there was a king who had a beautiful diamond. But this beautiful diamond had a flaw, a scratch in the middle. The king sent word throughout the kingdom that great riches would come to anyone who could rid the diamond of this flaw. Gem cutters, jewelry makers, and artisans from around the kingdom came to the castle, but no one could erase the diamond’s scratch. Finally, a young woman came and announced that she could make the diamond even more beautiful than ever. Everyone scoffed as she disappeared into the kingdom, but they gasped with awe when she came out and presented the king with the stone. The scratch was still in the diamond, but it was indeed more beautiful than ever before. For in the center of the diamond, the young woman had carved a beautiful flower, using the scratch for the stem.